Do you need something tested for Asbestos?

Our team can provide safe Asbestos Testing Services. When taking samples for analysis we will use the safest possible sampling procedure, to ensure that YOU, OUR STAFF and YOUR BUILDING are not put at risk of contamination from asbestos.

All samples will be sent for analysis at an IANZ accredited laboratory. Their report will be included with ours, for your peace of mind.



Asbestos Testing Christchurch

Locations where asbestos is likely to be present:

  • Corrugated cement roofing
  • Guttering downpipes and rainwater heads
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Sprayed / textured ceilings
  • Lathe and plaster
  • Sheet claddings (flat / corrugated)
  • External shingles
  • Imitation brick / stone cladding
  • Soffit linings
  • Vinyl sheet and tile flooring
  • Roof and wall insulation
  • Hot water cylinder insulation
  • Drainage pipes
  • Flues
  • Seals on wood burners
  • Fuse boards
  • Fire cement in old chimneys
  • Night store heaters
  • Moss lichen and algae from exterior roof and walls

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