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Asbestos Removal

Are you looking for a professional asbestos removal service?

Our staff have many years experience in the safe removal of asbestos. Whether you require removal services for your commercial property or your home, be assured that we can offer a safe and price competitive removal service.

If your building has tested positive for asbestos, the following steps are part of our process for removal;

  • Conduct a site inspection. There are many different locations and types of asbestos, and during this inspection, we will develop a Site Specific Asbestos Removal Control Plan.
    This inspection will include;

    • How we will enclose the areas for removal. This may include the building of a plastic enclosure on the inside or outside of your building (we literally wrap your house in special plastic). Any enclosures, upon completion, are smoke tested to ensure they are airtight.
    • Where we can locate our staff and material decontamination facilities, we use the most up to date 4 stage, wet decontamination units. These include specialised water filtration systems.
    • Where to place H-Class Negative Air Pressure units, to ensure that only clean, filtered air leaves the enclosure during removal. This is verified during smoke testing.
    • How we will remove the asbestos and how we package the asbestos before decontamination.
    • How we can safely transport the decontaminated packages containing asbestos through the rest of your building.
    • Check on availability of power and water for the duration of the removal and if we need to supply our own generator and water system.
  • During this site inspection, we will arrange a suitable time for the removal process.
  • During the removal process, we will have an independent Asbestos Assessor check that all of our work has met the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016. This is a requirement for all licensed asbestos removals.
  • Upon completion and removal of our equipment, we will supply you with a Certificate of Re-Occupation from the independent assessor. (They will inspect that all asbestos has been removed correctly and that no contamination has occurred, this may include air testing if required)

All of our equipment is independently maintained and certified for asbestos removal, by trained and qualified asbestos service people.

As you can see SAFE Asbestos Removal is not a simple job and requires a great deal of planning, training and the correct certified equipment.

We pride ourselves on exceeding the minimum requirements under the current legislation.

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